An Intellectual Property Boutique
Dedicated to the Life Sciences Industry

Due Diligence &
Opinion Analysis

We review and analyze patents for validity and infringement and conduct product clearance, due diligence and freedom to operate analysis.

Patent Litigation

In Federal court or in PTO contested proceedings, either as lead counsel or in strategic co-counseling arrangements, we have a demonstrated track record of success. Our attorneys provide clients with strategic representation based on our understanding of the science and patent litigation.

Post-grant proceedings

Our legal team is highly experienced in both post-grant reviews and inter partes reviews; we are well-prepared to provide clients with patent defense strategies or challenge the patent claims of competitors.


Our IP attorneys have science and research backgrounds that foster collaborative client relationships, and enable us to communicate effectively on a detailed scientific level with in-house legal counsel and researchers.


We regularly work with expert witnesses, before both the courts and the PTO. Our legal team has coordinated the drafting of hundreds of expert reports and opinions, and presented and cross-examined experts in litigation and PTO contested matters.

Experienced Representation

We have a deep background and expertise in chemistry and related life science. Our legal team fully understands the need to protect your innovation and we will litigate your case with an industry-based approach.

Chemistry & Related Life Sciences

At Capuano IP, we develop comprehensive IP strategies for all types of clients in the chemical and related life sciences industries, including industrial manufacturers, fabricators, research facilities, utility and energy providers, and pharmaceutical companies. We have extensive technical knowledge of and IP practice experience with:

  • Organic and Biochemistry
  • Agrochemicals
  • Diagnostics
  • Coatings and sealants
  • Enzymes
  • Food processing
  • Medical Treatment
  • Nanotechnology
  • Adhesives
  • Pharmaceutical Formulations and Delivery Systems
  • Polymers
  • Crystallization and Polymorphs
  • Biotechnology
  • Cannabis IP
Chemistry & Related Life Sciences Learn More
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Generic & Biosimilar Drugs

Capuano IP advises clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries about IP and regulatory strategies for generic and biosimilar products in development. We also counsel clients on bringing those products to market quickly and expediently.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients on both the branded and generic sides in complex Hatch-Waxman patent actions and effectively advocated for our clients’ interests in federal courts across the country. We have the scientific training and expertise based on experience for understanding the unique challenges for generic and biosimilar drugs. Above all, our legal team is up-to-date on the emerging issues in generics and biosimilars law, including antitrust issues, FDA guidance, and interchangeability.

Where Science
Meets the Law.

The demands of the contemporary intellectual property landscape in the chemical and life sciences require legal counsel with industry understanding and experience. When you need an expert lawyer to handle your chemical and life sciences intellectual property matters, turn to Capuano IP. Contact our Boston office today to get started.

Where Science
Meets the Law.
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Who We Are

Located in Boston, our firm represents domestic and international clients bringing a powerful combination of scientific detail and legal insight to patent, trade secret, and related IP matters.

Who we are
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More About Our Services

Well-versed in the federal and state regulations governing pharmaceuticals and biological drugs, our industry-based approach makes us uniquely qualified to be part of your intellectual property strategy.

More about our services
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Capuano IP - Intellectual Property Firm

Capuano IP is a boutique intellectual property law firm with exceptional scientific depth serving clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and related life sciences. From patent validity and infringement analysis, to trade secret and competition diligence, to PTO contested proceedings and court litigation, we are the informed choice in intellectual property law in the life sciences.

Founding attorney Vincent Capuano, Ph.D. is an organic chemist with deep experience and an understanding of protection of innovation in the life sciences. He develops innovative IP strategies for clients by leveraging scientific rigor with first-hand experience in patent litigation and PTO contested proceedings involving complicated chemical and biological technologies.

Our Noteworthy Track Record
Federal Circuit Refuses to Consider Disease Variants as Species of a Disease Genus for Method of Treatment Patents
Patents are often granted to methods of treatment for diseases and conditions which can be divided into a variety of subclasses based upon disease sub-type, biological target sub-type, patient sub-population, and the like. Logically, diseases and conditions...
Federal Circuit Refuses to Consider Disease Variants as Species of a Disease Genus for Method of Treatment Patents Read More
A Proposal to Address the U.S. Patent “Thicket” Problem During Examination
A so-called patent “thicket” is a collection of many patents with overlapping claims, usually from the same patent application family, covering a single product (and its variations). The use of patent “thickets” to protect drugs and...
A Proposal to Address the U.S. Patent “Thicket” Problem During Examination Read More
Capuano IP Launches New Website
Salem, MA (Law Firm Newswire) May 03, 2022 – Capuano IP announced today that its new website,, has been launched. Founded in 2020, the firm is a micro-boutique intellectual property practice that provides expert IP and...
Capuano IP Launches New Website Read More
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