Capuano IP brings its combination of scientific rigor and specialized legal experience to patent and trade secret litigation.  We are among those rare scientists who communicate like litigators. 

We are writers, orators and teachers and we understand the nuances of communicating with audiences of judges, CEOs, scientists, and laypersons.

Having The Right Teammate Makes All The Difference

We have experience litigating dozens of IP cases in the life sciences and guiding clients through strategic decision-making related to litigation and settlement, arbitration and licensing negotiations.  We have trial experience giving opening and closing arguments and arguing motions, conducting Markman hearings and representing clients on appeal to the Federal Circuit.  We are experienced in USPTO Inter Partes Review matters, having litigated those matters through trial.  We have litigated trade secret disputes including a recent (2016-2018) Massachusetts state court dispute involving RNA interference technology.  One area of our expertise lies in the presentation and cross-examination (at trial and deposition) of inventors and expert witnesses in patent and trade secret matters.